Thursday, November 09, 2006

Winds of Change

The Democrats are in charge of most things, but I'm not sure we'll see a lot of change. The theocrat tends to cross party lines, and one newly-elected Dem who was once a pro-footballer, is anti-abortion, won't work on Sundays so he can go to church, and doesn't drink coffee or tea. Hmm. Once upon a time, Republicans were the liberal ones, and Democrats the conservatives. I'll just wait to see. We already have a fairly conservative Supreme Court in place, so it's not like we're in for radical change. Roe v. Wade is probably the next hot bed since gay marriage is starting to become a nonissue. And the war du jour has managed to piss people off just enough that they want to see something different happen. Like I said, I'll just wait and see.

And, the world, not just the journalism world, has lost a gem. Ed Bradley lost his battle with leukemia. I'll miss his cool, yet deeply involved approach to reporting, not to mention the beautiful gray hair and beard, and yes, the earring. He will be missed.

Saturday is my 6th wedding anniversary. I have no idea how Telios and I will celebrate, but we plan to hit the Chocolate Show. If you love chocolate and live near one of the cities featuring the show, check it out.

See y'all soon.


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