Thursday, November 09, 2006

Winds of Change

The Democrats are in charge of most things, but I'm not sure we'll see a lot of change. The theocrat tends to cross party lines, and one newly-elected Dem who was once a pro-footballer, is anti-abortion, won't work on Sundays so he can go to church, and doesn't drink coffee or tea. Hmm. Once upon a time, Republicans were the liberal ones, and Democrats the conservatives. I'll just wait to see. We already have a fairly conservative Supreme Court in place, so it's not like we're in for radical change. Roe v. Wade is probably the next hot bed since gay marriage is starting to become a nonissue. And the war du jour has managed to piss people off just enough that they want to see something different happen. Like I said, I'll just wait and see.

And, the world, not just the journalism world, has lost a gem. Ed Bradley lost his battle with leukemia. I'll miss his cool, yet deeply involved approach to reporting, not to mention the beautiful gray hair and beard, and yes, the earring. He will be missed.

Saturday is my 6th wedding anniversary. I have no idea how Telios and I will celebrate, but we plan to hit the Chocolate Show. If you love chocolate and live near one of the cities featuring the show, check it out.

See y'all soon.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Friday, Just Friday

The Marriage Thing
Okay, I'm trying not to talk about it anymore, but I can't make any promises. It does smack of separate but equal (whassup Nuggster?), and I understand the awkwardness of saying "I'm unioned" and I suppose I was a little terse about it. I suppose I just felt some progress had been made, but we have a long way to go. Especially when...

It May Not Be a Duck, But It's Quacking
I love the Lord, for He heard my cry and pitied every groan. And I know that He did hear my cry and pitied every groan, even though each cry and groan came from my lesbian mouth. How, how, how, can you call yourself a child of God, a shepherd of God's flock, and live a lie day in and day out? I'm not casting judgement on prostitution, either from the buyer or seller side, but there are few prostitutes who are spiritually and emotionally evolved enough to feel okay about selling sex, and few consumers of sex for sale who are spiritually and emotionally evolved enough to feel okay about buying it. Most sellers are selling because they feel they don't have any other money-making skills (I said most) and most buyers are buying because they feel they don't have any sex-attracting skills, including self-esteem that says they're worthy of a sexual connection with another human being. And it is realy sad when someone who, as part of their calling (that thing you're driven to do whether or not money is involved), counsels people on self-esteem and self-worth, feels so poorly about themselves that they regularly pay for company and sex. Loneliness is an awful thing, and self-hate is worse.

I'm not saying that Ted Haggard, who stepped down from his position as pastor of a 14,000-member Colorado Springs church this week, is gay, or that allegations of regular meth-fueled sex trysts with a local man who said he advertised his services as an escort, are true, but I have a few could-it-be-a-duck questions:

1. If he bought crystal meth because he was curious, what was he curious about? Was he planning to ingest it and see what happens? Use it and go about his daily life? What had he heard about it to make him want to buy it? I've heard of it, even know people who've used it and know why they did, and can safely say I have no desire whatsoever to buy it or try it.

2. Why did he step down as pastor? Couldn't he have just confessed to a drug problem, take a temporary leave for rehab, and come back? He wouldn't be the first pastor to do so.

3. Why did he call (okay, allegedly, even though preliminary voice analysis is pretty sure it's his voice on voice messages left with his accuser) a gay man who advertises his services as an escort? He couldn't find some random meth dealer on the street?

Family Is as Family Does
I lost a friend this week in France. One of the best bass guitarists I ever met and had the pleasure of playing with, Laurent Coton Bonacchi, passed away from complications following a motorcycle accident. He leaves behind an infant son, his son's mother, and a host of friends in the jazz, rock, funk, and gospel music communities in Lyon, France, and elsewhere. LCB, as he was also known, was a great guy, a great musician, and he became my brother almost from our meeting. He was that kind of guy you immediately bonded with because his love for life and music was instantly evident. Lolo, you'll be missed and always loved.

Christmas in October?
Is it me, or is Christmas coming earlier and earlier each year? The first Christmas-related commercial I saw aired on Saturday, October 28, and it was for holiday decorations from a national home store chain. It's never too early to start freaking out about your decorating theme or how much money you have or don't have for Christmas presents.

Happy Friday, folks.