Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Great Marriage Machine

Okay, the title's a bit unwieldy, but so is the rationale behind this morning's conclusion that same-sex couples in New York don't have a guaranteed right to marry. In the decision, justices felt the decision should be passed to the legislature, with the upholding of heterosexual marriage because het couples can reproduce.

What? Perhaps the early reporting of the decision makes the justices seem like eugenics-mad Victorians, limiting the purpose of marriage to joyless mating. Ultra conservative Christians have a similar argument for the so-called protection of marriage, claiming that God intends marriage for heterosexual couple only because they're supposed to multiply, creating new Christians. So, then, are we to conclude that het couples who are infertile are societal failures? Christian failures? Have women, once again, been reduced to procreation machines?

I won't bore you with my views on same-sex marriage. It's like television -- you don't like the program, change the channel. Or more like ordering at a restaurant -- don't eat the fish if you want chicken, but don't tell me fish shouldn't be on the menu.

In this week of thinking about life,liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (BTW, did anyone else have trouble publishing on Blogger yesterday?), have we completely forgotten that America was founded on the principle of protecting who we are as individuals? Are gay couples that much of a threat? And are we that frightened of change in our society?


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