Thursday, May 18, 2006

This is Important?

As you know, I've expressed my support for same-sex marriage, not because I'm in one, but because I don't see how its existence is such a threat to an already-changed social landscape, including redefined families. I've shared my disgust at changing the Constitution explicitly to forbid something, which I believe goes against the spirit of the document in the first place.

I actually thought it wasn't possible that our government would actually stoop so low as to ignore the widening gap between rich and poor, the rampant privatization of everything, including a prescription drug plan that is supposed to help senior citizens but is so confusing that the majority of those it is supposed to help couldn't figure it out in time for the initial application deadline, a military action that is supposed to stretch into the next Presidency, Americans who fell for the SUV's are great okey-doke just a few years ago now facing a giant bite in the ass thanks to skyrocketing gas costs, dirt-cheap adjustable rate mortgages now coming home to roost, and post-9/11 impulse-buyers facing bills they can't pay that they would actually take the time to approve legislature that has all but put the last nail in the coffin to officially outlaw marriage between two men or two women.

This is important?


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