Saturday, April 22, 2006


I know that's a lot to say. Using the idiot's guide to etymology, heteronormativity loosely means that normalizing of opposite-ness, in this case opposite-sex attraction, sexuality, and relationships. A small group of bloggers have decided that April 22 is Blog Against Heteronormativity Day.

I had this whole piece, this ongoing mess o'blah blah about how the visibility of heterosexuality has made it the accepted norm, thus you have "heteronormativity" and I went on and on about how we are so limited in our thinking that if you're pro-something, you have to be anti-something, like pro-Black automatically means pro-White, and pro-female means you can't possibly be pro-male. I had a lot of rather all-over-the-place thoughts that were meant to convey my feelings on blogging against heteronormativity (thus my post at damn near the end of the day). But, I decided at the last minute to make my post from the last National Coming Out Day available instead because I think it says what I think blogging against heteronormativity is about. The visible becomes the normal, for good or for bad, so the more visible non-heterosexual people are, the more "normal" (eesh, that word is so awkward to me) they become.

So, for all you bloggers who've done your thing for today, thank you. For all of you who read this post, and what I really want to say for today, thank you also.

Happy reading.


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