Friday, March 31, 2006

Questions, Questions, and More Questions

Is it possible to create a salient piece composed only of questions?

Is anyone even interested?

Why haven't I been able to write?

Is it because there have been so many horrible, or at least to me, things to write about that I became overwhelmed?

Was it my almost annual midwinter frustration?

Was it distress over turning 40 and not being completely satisfied?

Or was it a growing disinterest in writing, not because I dislike writing, but because there were too many subjects, too little time, and too much to be said?

Was it because other things, including my relationship, my non-paying but fulfilling and often maddening other job, my paying but fill-in-the-blank job, my physical and emotional health, got in the way?

Was it because so many others have the same things to say, in ways that seem so much more eloquent than mine, and therefore that which I would say seemed useless?

Is it possible that I simply need a gigantic leap of faith, or that I need just a little faith, period?

Is it that my fear of everything threatens to choke me like ivy, beautiful and romantic, but really bad because it grows into the pipes in your house and can break them, leaving you with a fucked-up reconstruction ahead of you?

Or do I just need to suck it up?

Is it possible that I've been way too disappointed by the risks I've taken in the past, and don't wish to invest so much this time around?

Is it possible that I really don't have anything significant to say?

Is it possible that this is really nothing more than a quasi-connected stream of consciousness?

Is it?

What the hell was I talking about in the first place?


Anonymous Katrina said...

Would it be possible for you to be boring, uninsightful, bland and lacking in unique perspectives? Even on your worst day, no.

6:07 PM  

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