Friday, October 28, 2005

Swoopes Follow-Up

Got a reply or two on my post on Sheryl Swoopes' outing, but one was pretty interesting. The author made some references I removed because they may point to him, and outed a couple of folks, which I won't do, because I won't do it. If they out themselves, then I'll make direct reference.

"Solomon" wrote:

I’d like to clear up a few things concerning the Liberty. I’ve been around the team since 1997. Carol Blazejowski, is also gay. It was time for Teresa to move on and make way for someone younger. Teresa had some great years with the Liberty and came close to leading them to a championship several times. You must admit that Rebecca Hammon is as good a player as Weatherspoon and equally as exciting. ...When Becky reaches her 36th birthday, Carol Blazejowski will also offer her a non-player contract.

Tari Phillips ... was not resigned by Blazejowski before this past season. I think that was a bad mistake on Blazejowski’s part. With Tari on the squad this past season the Liberty would have made the WNBA Finals.

Here’s something that may or may not surprise you:

The Full Story

These sort of things happen when a woman can’t have the man she really wants.

King Solomon

King Solomon(his signature, not a pseudonym I assigned to him):

Thanks for writing and for the info on the Liberty. If Blaze hadn't made a decision that she might have regretted, even slightly, and if the fans hadn't reacted, she never would have issued a letter to the fans explaining her actions, which is a typical public relations cleanup move. I too know someone who worked closely with Spoon, and I was aware of what happened.

If, as you say, non-player contracts will automatically be issued to players who reach a certain age, it is a sad thing indeed that players who feel they're conditioned and skilled enough to play will be shackled to a team that doesn't really want them; shackled because they don't have the option to play for another team. Even more senior players like Jerry Rice and Rodney Peete get to stay and play, however limited their field time may be, until they are ready to quit.

I can only assess from your message that you are particularly interested in dwelling on a player's sexuality, either by downplaying or upselling and exploiting, which was the point of my post. You made it a point to out players which I did not, and ended your interestingly-signed message with a dubious reference to what happens when a woman doesn't get a man she wants.

Thanks again for writing.

Ordinarily, I don't respond like this to comments, but I was struck by what started out as a decent defense of the Liberty's player transactions, that ended with a creepy she's-a-lesbian-because-she-didn't-or-couldn't-find-a-good-man kind of thing that homophobes usually give. And, the "king" thing makes me think he believes he was supposed to be the successor to the aforementioned throne.

Then, I received two emails reminding me of a comment I made on a blog saying Swoopes was homophobic. I publicly apologize for a really bad judgment call in saying that. Back in the early years of the league, I heard a piece of gossip attributed to Swoopes, claiming she didn't want lesbians on her team or looking at her in the locker room. I have no proof of her saying that, nor could I tell you where I heard it from. To anyone who may have been offended by what I said, I deeply apologize.

Flamers, be warned. Intelligent dialogue will be respected, and quite possibly indulged. Everything else will be flushed along with the other detritus in the bowl.


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