Saturday, October 15, 2005

So Much for Unity

According to a late-breaking announcement from Keith Boykin, the opnly Black gay man asked to be a featured speaker at today's Millions More Movement, he was un-invited to speak, just as he was about to ascend the speakers' platform. The chair of the event, Rev. Willie Wilson, whose deeply offensive, heterosexist remarks from the pulpit were exposed this summer, was allegedly the one to make the call.

Sounding like that same ol' same ol' to me. We, Black lesbians and gays, are accepted, but not really. By the way, if you plan to flame me with your anti-gay, abomination nonsense, save your precious Internet time. You'll be immediately deleted. Your abuse will be reported to your ISP. I'm much too angry right now to suffer fools, and believe me, you'll suffer.


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