Thursday, October 27, 2005


Been a while since I've taken the quick hits route, so let's get it goin'.

Miers is Outta Here
What else is there to say? She knew she wasn't qualified. Bush knew she wasn't qualified. Taxpayer money and congressional time shouldn't have been spent on a lost cause. Oh, that's already happening in Iraq, where the American military death toll has reached 2000. Does anybody in Washington have a clue? Anybody? Anybody?

Congratulations, Chicago
I'm not a baseball fan, but an accomplishment is an accomplishment. Enjoy it.

What was Bloomberg Thinking?
This one is for New Yorkers, but anyone can appreciate the nuttiness of this. In the newest commercial for Bloomberg's re-election bid, an affluent White couple talks about how their son, who has cerebral palsy, was helped by the Mayor. While the son is shown working at a computer, they tell how they've taken the boy's therapist to dinner, and he tells them no school in the city will take him in for kindergarten. In walks Bloomy, they rush him and tell him about this, and Bloomy ASSEMBLES A TEAM THAT GETS THE KID IN A SCHOOL! Here's what pisses me off about this commercial. First, the child is working on a computer, something many city kids don't have access to. Second, the wife's hand is blinging. Third, the child has a therapist -- how many city kids with special needs have their own therapist? Fourth, the parents are having dinner in a restaurant expensive enough that Bloomberg would go to -- he's not eating at Applebee's. Fifth, a team of people waves some pixie dust, moves heaven and earth, essentially what would have to happen to get a child into an already overcrowded public school, for this kid whose parents can afford to have a computer for him, put a fat rock on Mommy's hand, and hire a private therapist for him who gets wined and dined in a restaurant. Sorry, but they get no sympathy from me when there are parents who work full time and can't get government help for their special needs children because they make just a little too much money. Bad move, Mike, bad move. Thanks for reminding us who your real constituents are. Can anyone else say "Nets Arena in Brooklyn"?

Martha Stewart is Fierce!
So, as you know, I'm home recovering from surgery, and I watch a lot of t.v., including daytime t.v. and I've discovered that Martha Stewart is a fierce bitch (take that however you want to). Let's start with today, and work backward. She's chatting with Rosie O'Donnell, and in talking about her stint in the pen, she shares how she discovered Palmer's Cocoa Butter. Girl, where have you been? Girls in the 'hood have been rockin' the Palmer's since dirt was new. And speaking of girls in the 'hood, Ms. Martha was telling a story about a day in the prison gym. The manager, who she chose to call "Sheniqua" -- no, I'm not kidding, and she even said the girl had a name equally as lovely (take that however you want) -- decided to blast some hip hop, much to Martha's chagrin. When she asked "Sheniqua" to turn it down, she said hell to tha naw. Martha tried to give girlfriend the customer service, when you get out in the workforce, you'll need to be more sensitive, speech. Then, Martha continues the smashfest with how "Sheniqua" hadn't, until prison, read anything other than a novel, but has since began reading other books and has improved her life. The REAL question is, Martha, honey, is "Sheniqua" out yet, and have you offered her a job so she doesn't find her way back to the joint, since you're so interested in giving back?

And speaking of jobs and giving back, on last night's "Martha Stewart Apprentice," she decides to pay a surprise visit to the loft where the apprentices live. Fierce on its own (I don't care if you're paying for me to be here, it's still none of your business how I live, even in temporariy digs), she asks how they apprentices like living in a semi-open space, saying "You have no privacy. It's like being in Alderson." Was she a gay man in a last life?

Until later.


Blogger It's Me, Maven... said...

Palmers is "hood?" I didn't know that... but then again, if you've read my posts, you know that my nickname IS Shaniqua (actually, Shaniqua Loquitia Alizee JENKINS, Mz. Jenkins, if yer nastay). I love Palmer's SHEA BUTTER... and the gals at work laugh at me. I guess I'm the only caucasian woman they know who greases her scalp down with the stuff:)

Glad to see you posting regularly now... hope that's a sign you're on the mend!

9:53 PM  

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