Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Integrity: A Real Family Value

Recently, a high school in a suburb of New York canceled this year's spring prom after receiving word of plans for a bacchanalian after-prom party, which would follow the pre-prom cocktail party. The fete was to take place at a Hamptons house rented for $10,000, and as a bonus, there would be a booze cruise (famous in the Caribbean, these are cruises pretty much to nowhere where you can drink all the cheap booze your liver can safely process while on board) paid for by a parent.

Yes, you heard me correctly. Underage drinking supported, literally and figurateively, by a parent. So, in response to the storied decadence, the school decided to cancel the prom to eliminate the occasion for the, er, celebration.

Not that long ago, Westchester County, another suburb of New York, decided not to prosecute a group of high schoolers who, after a night of binge drinking at the home of one of the students, tried to cover up the death of one of the teen partiers. The young man died during the night, but his death wasn't reported until the next morning. And, he didn't have to die. The other kids could have called 911, and the kid's life might have been saved, but they chose to save their own pathetic, overprivileged asses instead because they were rich and "promising" and the boy wasn't. Oh, if I have any New York residents reading, the District Attorney who decided not to piss off her constituency by doing the right thing is running against Senator Hilary Clinton. Jeanine Pirro. Remember that name. Her husband went to jail for stealing, and she's as morally bankrupt as he is. But I digress.

Yesterday, another promising teen was sentenced to six months in jail for throwing a frozen turkey from a moving car. The frozen boulder hit another car, and injured the occupant, breaking every bone in her face and severly injuring her brain. After hitting the car, the teens pulling the prank drove off without calling 911.

Although I don't agree that all students attending the aforementioned prom would be part of after-prom mayhem, I understand the school's position. What happened to sneaking a little bottle of Boone's Farm in to spike the punch?

Why would you not see that justice is done for a young man who died needlessly at the hands of selfish, spoiled, corrupt kids (and their parents)? What is amusing about throwing a frozen turkey, or any object, for that matter, from a moving vehicle at another vehicle?

These kids are the future of our country, which has already marched straight into the hands of White, middle class and higher men who think nothing of stripping civil rights, emptying the coffers of corporations to feed their own greed, and unashamed cronyism in the form of no-bid contracts and the official support of eminent domain, which is nothing more than a tragic game of he-who-has-the-most-friends-wins. Prom nights have turned into thousand-dollar balls, attended by miniature adult girls in low-cut, slinky gowns, and boys idolizing the pimp life, while their parents stand by and watch, or worse, write a check.

No, I don't have kids. But I know plenty of parents who know the difference between being friendly to their kids and being friends with them. Raise your kids, people. Teach your children more than how to live the good life. And get friends of your own age.


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