Saturday, September 03, 2005

Just An Angry Rant

Like September 11 coverage, I've been innundated, as the country has been as well, with image after image of people trying desperately to save their lives in New Orleans and other Gulf cities. I can't imagine what it must be like to literally have water, water, everywhere, and not a drop to drink, or thousands of dead beings; people, animals, plants, floating, rotting, spreading disease as they decay. I am angry and saddened by the complete negligence of our government as they respond to people in need. Chris Rock said it best during a press conference announcing a relief benefit: "We have refugees in America. In America!" Bush can help the oil industry, but can't get it together, or get his cronies together to help starving, devastated people first. New Orleans is a city of mostly Black folks, not the Whites living the grand mansioned life among the dripping wisteria. It's a city that has had two Black mayors now. The projects are worse than the mythical Cabrini-Green houses of Chicago. Petty crimes (pickpocketing, car theft) are high because people are hungry. And now, the fucking projects are gone. The wisteria washed away. And everything will now cost more. Thank you, gas-guzzling SUV's and trucks for serving as big boy toys that suck up resource after resource. Thank you Republicans, for pulling the wool over your own eyes, and forcing the rest of us who can see to not only have to wear blinders, but also muzzles to keep from screaming from the rafters what a LOUSY FUCKING JOB YOU'VE DONE RUNNING THIS COUNTRY. Thanks for giving us the high hard one without grease. The people of New Orleans, left without anything at all sure do appreciate your bullshit rewrite of science for your comfort, your forcing marriage definitions for your comfort down our throats, your feeding us bullshit about democracy around the fucking world while clamping down on democratic freedoms right here at home, your taking thousands of soldiers away from this land who should be serving in this land to force our brand of "help" down the throats of people who really didn't ask, leaving people right here who genuinely need help without it. Thanks for giving people desperation to believe that if you have nothing to live for, you're not afraid to die.

I started to feel bad for not feeling bad about all that's happening because I've been celebrating my wife's 40th birthday. But I'm not going to feel bad about it. I've done more in my life to help those in need than the shitbags running our country have done in the last fucking week, and I plan to do more. Let's all plan to do more, and let's plan to get this asshole and everyone who supports him off the fucking throne already. I smell impeachment in the air, and anyone with sense should too.


Blogger It's Me, Maven... said...

And much in the way of the victims of 9/11 sitting and waiting for some kind of support, some sign from the President that America cares and hasn't forgotten/forsaken those afflicted, the poor innocents in New Orleans had to sit and wait five days before he'd appear.

Granted Scooter's not God, and not omnipotent, powerful enough to predict storms and the like; however, he doesn't even give good face at faking being concerned... wanna know why? Those stuck in New Orleans, the ones too poor to find a way out... they don't count (to Bush, or other politicians for that matter). It's truly sad and disgusting and it's times like this that I'm ashamed to be associated (vicariously) to our president (by way of being ... American)who should be representing ALL Americans.

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