Friday, August 12, 2005

WTF News & Other Goodies

Happy Friday, friends! Short & to the point today, although things can change.

We Knew This Was Coming

Actor James Woods shares his opinion on why Hollywood movies are crap. Blah, blah, blah, blather, blather, blather, eventually summing up by saying the problem is that White heterosexual guys have to be low lifes, or ths movie won't sell. Read it here if you don't believe me. The endangered straight White guy was bound to speak out some time.

I'll Get You, My Pretty, and Your Little Dog Too

Crybaby Jarrod Crowley, a sausage & lemonade vendor ratted out 2 kids running a lemonade stand, claiming they were undercutting his business because they were too close to his. I suppose I understand his position. He has to earn a living, and it's not like people won't see two kids selling lemonade, and not succumb to the all-Americanness of it, thus skipping ol' Jason's stand. But, for pete's sake, dude, quitcher bitchin. It's lemonade. These are kids. It's not like they're running a thousand-dollar Girl Scout cookie stand. And how about the owner of the sausage franchise, opening his heart and making the boys subcontractors to him. Wonder what his cut is, the benevolent prince?

Pot & Kettle

Anyone who doesn't think this madness is tragically funny doesn't know what funny is. Or tragic. As anyone paying attention to the sex abuse scandals in the Catholic Church knows, there's a lot of, shall we say, protection, going on, as well as Moral Superiority. So, in the latest CathChurch scandal, Monsignor Eugene Clark, the number two guy at St. Patrick's Cathedral, resigns amid allegations that he's having an affair with his married secretary (who, in almost relieved tones, is always clearly stated as female). The secretary's husband suspected something fishy was going on, and hired a private dick to tail the wife, busting her and the good father leaving a motel room dressed in clothes other than the ones they arrived in some FIVE HOURS LATER. The padre's statement is this:

"It appears to me that events and circumstances have been portrayed in such a false and sensational manner that I will no longer be able to effectively serve the archdiocese."

Read that carefully, kids. He doesn't say that what he's accused of is false, just that the events are circumstances were portrayed falsely. What makes this so damn delicious is that this man has made a point of blaming priest pedophilia on immoral American culture and the admitting of homosexuals into seminary. He was the host of a cable show on Catholic family life, which is scary in its own way, but I digress. According to news reports, the woman has spent weekends with the Monsignor, even if it meant skipping time with her own family.

I'm not going to jump on the "this is why celibacy for the priesthood doesn't work" thing, because I believe a promise is a promise. If you take vows, which aren't kept secret from you until you take them, then stick to them. Otherwise, step down or don't swear yourself in. Just don't be a hypocrite. You've got to be endowed with steel cojones to decry immorality, and then bust up a home, and violate one of the foundations of your vocation. Sheesh!

Oh, well. It is what it is. Thanks for tuning in, kids. Until next time!


Blogger Moxie said...

Great post!!! I agree 100%!!!

4:22 PM  
Blogger It's Me, Maven... said...

The sausage guys were really assholes, IMHO. I posted about that, too.

Hey the Monsignor Clark situation is hysterical actually, and indicative of the many other coverups the church has become known for.

According to my husband, an Indian from India, who has been to church in India (eventho he's Hindu) told me that the definition of Catholic is "Broadminded." That is laughable when you measure it up against the cloak and dagger aspect of Opus Dei, Priory of the Scion et al, which Dan Brown has shone some light upon. Eventhough the book is fiction INSPIRED by actual groups and actual history, it is provocative enough for me to google many things.

I have been on the fence for several years when it comes to getting motivated to affiliate with any given church. Born Episcopalian; the WASband was Jewish; current husband is Hindu. I'm fancying myself a liberal, albeit CONFLICTED Christian at the moment.

One of the things identified in DaVinci Code, Mr. Brown shines light upon the practice of Goddess worship and the act of going to church entailed having sex with priestesses. Interesting stuff. And up to 5 million "witches" were put to death as a result of the "church's" shifting Pagans from their matriarchal to a Christian patriarchal faith. I'm even more enraged and confused than every as far as which path to Enlightenment I should follow. Disgust and apathy make me remain where I am. Damned if I do, damned if I don't.

Personally, I think Clark should own up to his misdeeds, and suck down a slice of humble pie, especially after his pontificating on the ills of Hollywood and homosexuals on our society, contributing to the breakdown of Catholic marriage. He's a fucking fraud and should attone publicly for his sins, and should publicly apologize to Mr. DeFilipo as well as the church at large. It's repugnant--not him showing he is in fact human, but showing how anti-BROADMINDED and INTOLERANT he is, yet his own actions are causing a family to break up. He should be ashamed.

11:00 AM  

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