Monday, August 22, 2005

They Just Don't Get It

According to an article in The Progressive, a group of people were strong-armed and bullied out of questioning Rick Santorum at a book signing at a Pennsylvania Barnes & Noble. Read the article for the details. Essentially, it's typical of the "I don't have an answer, but you're just wrong anyway" culture we've adopted.

In 5th grade, I asked my teacher, Mrs. Miller, to explain why the Declaration of Independence said all men were created equal, but slavery, applying only to Blacks, existed at the same time. She couldn't. In her defense, she didn't make me feel like a troublemaker, nor did she dismiss my question. She said she just couldn't explain it.

Ask a conservative why same-sex marriage is such a threat to families in America, when divorce rates are around 50%, and were, long before gays expressed public interest in legal protection for their relationships, and they'll give you a wordy, confused answer like marriage protects children by providing both a mother and a father, blah blah.

Ask a Christian to explain why homosexuality is wrong, but eating cheeseburgers isn't, they'll give you some nonsensical answer like, God said it (homosexuality) is an abomination, but never tell you that the same was said of mixing meat and milk, which is what a cheeseburger is.

Ask a Christian to explain why abortion is a sin, but capital punishment is justified, and they'll give you a hack answer like "God created life, and it isn't up to man to take it away."

Ask a war-supporter to explain why we're about to spend four more years in Iraq, and they'll tell you it's to help spread freedom and democracy and stop terrorism, but we still have young Black men and gays and lesbians falling victim to hate crimes, women still being killed by their psychopath partners, and abortion clinics being bombed here on American soil.

I'm growing increasingly tired of being the person who sees the elephant in the room when no one else does. They just don't get it, and something has to give.



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