Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Let The Bitchfest Begin

New York Republicans are quietly slipping in the chick factor to bolster the Senate race between incumbent Hilary Rodham Clinton and Westchester District Attorney Jeanine Pirro, the GOP's candidate positioned to unseat Clinton. What's the GOP's strategy, you ask? Classic bitchery, drag out the spotted past of Mr. Clinton, William Jefferson Clinton, that is, one of the finest Presidents of this great country (it's my blog, so piss off if you don't like my assessment). He was impeached, after all. Not that Mr. Pirro is an innocent. Why, old Al, a fundraiser for the GOP, was jailed for 11 months for income tax evasion, charges that included illegal deductions for luxury cars, the costs of fighting a paternity suit, and care for the family's pet pigs. Bill got busted for lying about getting a hummer from an intern who made the mistake of telling a big mouthed hag. Impeachment merely means you've been charged with a crime. Charged with lying, going to jail for stealing. I'd rather have the liar, thanks.

But back to the estrogenity. So, in newspaper stories, the GOP pushes Ms. Pirro as the best person to unseat Hilary because she's an ethnic Catholic who is a blue stater on social issues, and a red stater on fiscal and criminal issues. Hilary is portrayed, again, in the most tiresome way, as a carpetbagger, using New York as a stepping stone for her own climb up the political ladder. And Jeanine isn't? Isn't moving from Attorney General to state Senator a move up? What about her alleged claim that the run, win or lose, puts her further in the public's eye, scoring her more national visibility (she's already a legal analyst for Fox News, according to today's New York Times)? According to Republican commentator Michael Edelman, are New Yorkers "sophisticated enough to make a distinction between Jeanine and whatever Al may have done in the past," but not sophisticated enough to make the same distinction between Hilary and Bill?

It's all smoke and mirrors. The Times has quotes from as many women as the New York State GOP could trot out since this is a blue state, after all. We want to hear from women, even if it's a crock. Editorials are flying about whose husband is the most dastardly. And quite frankly, I'm not convinced it wouldn't happen if these weren't two women running against each other, thus the bitchery. The race, which should be based on who can best represent the people of New York State on the national level, is instead turned into a mud wrestling contest. The hottest chick with the longest claws will be declared the winner.

Yet again, Republicans have demonstrated that their first priority is maintaining the high status of the White, heterosexual father. They'll trot out the "others" when necessary, or court them when necessary, but it all comes back to good ol' boys being good ol' boys.

Let the bitchfest begin.


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