Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Happy Birthday, Baby

Today is my wife's birthday. I'm a sucker for romance, in case you hadn't figured it out, and I'm a sucker for her. I have very fond memories of the first birthday we spent together, mainly because she bolted like a hooker in church (or was that like a priest in a bathouse busted by a camera crew). We knew we were in love, but it was way too scary for her because this relationship was just what she wanted. You know, that's the funny thing about love, which hardcore hets just don't get. Don't share the gender of the people in a sweet love story, and they'll assume it's a man and woman. Tell them afterwards it's two men, or two women, and they just can't put it together. Oh, well. Sucks when love works and it ain't what you thought it was suppose to be, eh? But this isn't a gay rights post. Trust me, one will come soon.

This is an ode to an outstanding woman. She's selfless. I often have to remind her to save some for me. She's incredibly kind, and incredibly sweet. She's the smartest person I know, and one of the hardest-working. I, on the other hand, am a lazy waste-sack, but that's due to my own insecurities about my real vocation, the subject of another post. The wife is beautiful and sexy, funny, and great to be around. If she's having a bad day, you'd never know it, because it would interfere with your day.

So, here are my birthday wishes for you, my love. Take them to heart.

1. Please take care of your physical health. You're now 40. The things you used to do are history. We've talked about what you need to do, and the health legacy you come from.

2. Stop trying to make other people's dreams come true, and work on your own, even if it means you stop trying to make other people's dreams come true.

3. Keep laughing. You have a great laugh, and laughing keeps you young.

4. Take risks and ask for what you want, whether or not you know what the answer to your question is. You might be wrong -- it is possible.

5. Cry when you want to, even if it means that people will see you at what you think is your worst. Who gives a rat's ass anyway?

6. Remember you have people in your corner, and even if they don't do what you want the way you want it done, they'll still do it, so ask for help.

7. Remember I'm your biggest fan and always will be.

Happy birthday, baby.


Anonymous Telios said...

Ahhhh, My Beloved. Love really is ALL there is when I am with you.
Interesting that my very first comment posted would be a proclamation of my undying, unconditional love for my Wusband/wife/partner/best-friend/booty-call/muse/cheerleader/confidante. Simply, I love you for all of the same reasons "those folks" fear and loathe us:
- Because of your pure & honest spirit
- Because of your courage
for you really are fearless even though you think you are not
- because of the divinity that rises from your soul and shines thru in your smile, your laugh, your incredible music, your intelligence.
- because of the never-ending, sweet/passionate/beautiful/divine song you illicit from my soul, my lips, my heart, my well, my mind - the blues you awaken in my thighs
- because you make me laugh
-because you are my playmate AND my prayer-mate
- because you inspire and encourage me to always be the best "me" I can be.
-because you are my comforter, my champion, my hero
-because you make me feel as though I am the MOST beautiful, sexy, genius in the room.
-because together, we are a fierce force to reckon with!
-because you are the one God chose for me.
I love you as I love life.
Thank you for making everyday a wonderful celebration of life.

2:39 PM  
Blogger Moxie said...

This post AND comment was the best I've EVER was deep, moving, and real...just BEAUTIFUL....

I can't believe I am writing (or feeling) this, but it made me want to open my heart again...

Happy Birthday and all the best to the two of you now and always. You sound like a VERY special and loving couple!

Thanks for sharing (and showing there is good out there...that there is hope)...

10:12 AM  
Anonymous AngryBlackBitch said...

Habby birthday to the wife and thank you for sharing your love and respect.

Those are my kind of family values!

5:48 PM  
Anonymous AngryBlackBitch said...

Woops...migraine meds kicking in. That was supposed to be Happy Birthday...or rather, belated birthday!


5:52 PM  
Blogger It's Me, Maven... said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your spouse!!

Just got back from VT today and getting caught up on my reads...

9:12 PM  

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