Thursday, August 18, 2005

Enough With The Niceties

Okay, I'm back because I'm bordering on depressed and pissed; don't know which one is stronger at the mo, but who cares.

Anyway, let's start with the pissed.

The Cindy Sheehan Story
I haven't said much about the Cindy Sheehan story, but I'll offer this: did she have a meeting with GWB, as in, they spent some time together, they shared their POV's, they came to an agreement, even if it was to agree to disagree, or did they meet, as in shake hands at a pancake breakfast or something? If it was the former, okay, she probably should go home. If it was the latter, it wasn't a meeting, and the tools accusing her of letting the pinko anti-war movement use her are full of caca. Feel free to let me know. Oh, and the nice guy who ran over a bunch of crosses with his truck was probably a Christian. Nice way to win one for Jesus, dude.

The Gaza Situation
Here's another one, where I welcome edification. So, according to a very informative editorial in today's New York Times, we learn that Israel seized the Gaza strip in the Israel-Egypt war in 1967, meaning it wasn't really Jewish land to begin with, but then neither was the nation of Israel, formed with the help of the U.N. in 1948. The faces of the Jews appearing in the news that are so devastated by the Gaza handover are young, clearly too young to know how their settlement was created. And,while I'm making no effort to appear either pro-Palestinian or pro-Israel, no one's hands, Israeli or Palestinian, are clean. Europeans got one more chance to seize another piece of land held by brown people, and brown people fed up with being treated like crap have waged a war since then that has spread across continents and hit anyone and everyone indiscriminately. No one is right, and something has to change or we'll all end up nuclear dust under the cockroach's feet.

The Housing Bubble in New York City
I've really held my tongue on this one because it's an extremely sensitive subject, which moves me from furious to depressed. So, similar to my comments on gay life, and whether or not we've created the dysfunction we now see (thanks PK for the spot-on comments), have we created the "fabulous" monster in the housing market? What the hell is going on when putting stainless steel in an apartment makes it worthy of twice the rent for one with a reconditioned stove, both in a crime-ridden, grocery store-free neighborhood? Why the hell should I pay half a million dollars for 500 square feet -- just because it's in a "fabulous" neighborhood? Brooklyn used to be a great place to live because it wasn't Manhattan, and you didn't have to pay Manhattan dollars. No one wanted to live in Harlem, which is another subject, and now shells without a roof and no walls are selling for $800,00 and climbing. I have to build my own fucking house, and still pay nearly a million dollars to do it? I'm seriously considering not just leaving New York City, but leaving the state, and possibly the country. On a household income of $98,000, what the fuck am I supposed to live in, a studio in the projects?

And, Who Bleepin' Asked You, Asswipe?

This piece of stained toilet paper was a comment on one of my posts (not the one from the Nuggster, the "newsletter"). Because I'm still trying to learn the ins and outs of, I haven't figured out how to delete it, or better block this shit. If I find out who the fuck you are and why you've littered my space, may the Almighty have mercy on you. Anyone else feel like leaving their detritus behind, think twice, because I'm not in a good mood. Don't do it.

In conclusion, I leave you with the immortal words of Drill Sargeant Harvey Walden IV, from the VH1 show, "Celebrity Fit Club," have a great BLEEPING day!


Blogger CrankyProf said...

What the fuck is up with all the self-promoting, trifling shit on comments these days??

And brilliant commentary on the ridiculousness that is the housing market bubble. When 500 sq. ft. goes for a quarter-mil, there's something seriously fucked-up going on.

11:22 AM  
Blogger Paige said...

Regarding your comments on the high cost of housing....I won't say which side of the coin I blame for this problem, but there are 3 things at work here:
1. Supply and demand. As populations increase, available landmass decreases, demand increases, causing pricing increases...And as they say, "If you build it, they will come."
2. After 9/11, and in order to avoid a full-on recession, interest prices were dropped, and dropped, and dropped. Unique loans such as the "interest-only" became common-place, thus making out-of-range otherwise affordable to people. This circle fits in the circle of problem number 1.
3. The most scary thing of all...Most people don't know the history of HUD housing, the projects, or government run housing, but I predicted over 5 years ago that our country was leaning towards this. Many countries have the 80% poor population and 10% doing okay, and the rest must be related to government officials. Anyway, most of the population lives in something similar to the travesty that was known as Cabrini Greens in Chicago. You get your government issued apartment with 1 or 2 bedrooms, a 6 foot kitchen and a small little place to bathe/shit. Your government issues you all sorts of necessities, and all the luxuries are outrageously priced. The good news is, you probably won't ever be homeless. The bad news is, you probably won't ever be a home owner, or have your own bedroom. Now, this is where items 1 and 2 come in. I managed housing tax credits, which is a great tax incentive program for businesses. However, over the course of years, I have seen things happen that make me invision an America much like a place described earlier in the paragraph. See, so many people have recently bought homes they really couldn't afford, but they got interest-free, or interest-only loans for a short, or set amount of time. Many of these people will default on these loans in record numbers if we have a major recession. HUD steps in when some loans default and the properties go to the government to auction off. I see 2 things happening: A. Most of us won't be able to afford to purchase a home unless we make a million dollars a year (million dollars=a million pesos, a million yens, whatever). We won't be able to afford nice apartments. When the government starts to repo all these homes, instead of auctioning them off, they will be held, and we will be able to 'rent' them for our lifetimes, but never really own them. Already, there are now 40 and 45 year loans available. We've switched our economy from one of industry to one of service, and as dummies we keep buying into the "gotta have" syndrome. This helps to take our minds off owning homes outright. Beware!

11:24 PM  
Blogger dmfinny said...

Thanks Paige for the comments. I recently read an article (I'd have to look it up) that suggested that financially it was better to never own your home outright b/c it's not the great investment it was to our grandparents. It was best to hold onto a 30-yr mortgage and never pay it off as you would save money over the long run, assuming what you earn would increase through the life of the loan, while your monthly payments remained the same. The argument would follow, I guess, that it would make as much sense to rent rather than own, for the same reasons. Your monthly payments remain the same, albeit for a much shorter period, while your earning potential increases. All of this assumes your earning potential increases, and that you don't live in an urban hotbox like New York.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I still wonder where the hell a Black lesbian couple is going to live where we don't have to worry our home will be firebombed either b/c we're Black or gay; both factors strongly influencing where we'll live for the remainder of our lives.

9:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Youre comments on the Gaza Strip are inaccurate. First of all, the war in 1967 was the Six Day War, not the Egypt-Israel War. Israel fought forces from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt-- not to mention the fact that the U.S.S.R was supporting Syrian troops. In regards to the angry settlers- of course they were angry. They had reason to be. Like you said, the Gaza Strip was taken from EGYPT (not from Palestinians. There was no Palestinian control. It was Egyptian.)after provocation by Egypt in May 1967 (Egypt moved forces to Israeli border and closed Straits of Tiran thus completely blocking Israeli shipping). When a country provokes another country and then loses land in a war, the land belongs to the attackee, not the attacker. Therefore, the Gaza Strip rightfully belongs to Israel. You call the settlers ignorant and naive, however you yourself need to check your Israeli history facts before publishing more ignorant and uneducated comments. Also, I am offended by your comment about the "brown" people once again getting pillaged by the "Europeans". Do you seriously believe the only Jews in the world are from Europe? Again, another ignorant comment. I would like to inform you that there are Israelis (not JUST Jews, either) with backgrounds from all over the world, not just Europe. Please research post-Indepence Aliyahs to Israel. A large population of Jews iin Israel originate from Middle Eastern countries. Not only that, but there is a thriving Jewish Ethiopian community living here today. And beyond Jews, Israel is giving refuge to the persecuted Sudanese that have fled from the genocide in Sudan. What are YOU doing about the "brown" people living in Sudan?

11:13 AM  

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