Thursday, July 14, 2005

Gay is Officially a Dirty Word

In today's news, the non-abuse abuse at Camp Gitmo is now of the anti-homo variety. That's right, boys & girls, the U.S. government uses the accepted repugnance of homosexuality as a means of coercion.

Both CNN's website and the New York Times report that a prisoner was forced to dance with a man, wear a bra, was told he was homosexual, and the other prisoners knew it; dangerous as the majority of the prison population was staunchly Muslim, and just as rigidly anti-gay, which could lead to his harm or death.

Well, if you didn't think we lived in crappy times, I don't know what to tell you. It was easy enough to ignore, or just not think too hard about, teenagers saying something negative was "gay;" e.g. unfashionable clothing, a bad hairstyle, an unfavorable decision. It was easy to block out young men routinely calling each other "faggot" or "homo" as if calling their name. Maybe I've been idealistic, observing the behavior of groups of teenagers in my lefty nabe of Park Slope, home of one of New York City's longest-running food co-ops, a neighborhood of brownstones with windows festooned with rainbow-striped "Peace" flags, cars with "Defeat Bush" stickers, and same-sex couples hand-in-hand strolling the main drag of Seventh Avenue.

And then I read the story of Ronnie Paris, Jr., beaten to death by his father. Dear ol' Dad didn't want his son to grow up to be a sissy, so, according to trial testimony from the boy's mother, Ronnie Paris, Sr. would beat the child until he cried or wet himself. Ronnie Paris, Jr. was three years old.

Read just a sampling of this pathetic tale here. Needless, to say, I'm incredibly saddened.

More than that, I'm disgusted by a few aspects of this case. God is still working with me, so my apologies for my judgemental ravings.

1. According to the link above, the father's BIBLE STUDY PARTNER, only cautioned him to stop playing so roughly with his son. Sorry, but doesn't the Bible teach us to be "gentle as doves?" And what kind of Christian would see a child in trouble and not tell the authorities, even anonymously? Mr. Christian, you have played almost as great a role as my next target:

2. Baby mama Nysheerah Paris. A father who beats a child, never mind beating a child until he wets himself, is not the kind of father any child deserves. Yes, I know it's easy to observe a domestic violence situation from the outside, and make a host of suggestions as to what should have happened, but this child didn't ask to come here. You didn't have to succumb to the supposed charms of Big Ronnie, and your selfish fear that reporting the abuse of your baby would result in his removal, is not justification for allowing this man to use a child as a punching bag. A piece of man is NOT better than no man at all.

3. Ronnie Paris, Sr. May the gracious and merciful God I serve, not the vengeful and hateful god some others serve, have mercy on you. Florida is a death penalty state, and you sit in fear for your life, just as that child did. Or, perhaps you don't. Or, you don't respect life enough to care if you live or die. Your Bible study has not saved you. Your probably confessing to be a Christian doesn't make you a better person. I say again, may God have mercy on you.

I've known for quite some time that gay has become synonymous with bad; parents have exclaimed that it would be better that their child was a drug addict, a dealer, or even dead, than gay. But never have I heard anything more nauseating than this.

May God have mercy on us all.


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