Thursday, July 28, 2005

Gay for Play

I'm in a foul mood, having been disturbed by my triflin' ass gully neighbors at three in the fucking morning, who I wish would move the hell out of a neighborhood they just don't fit in. Isn't gentrification supposed to push out the riff raff? My bad, if my tax dollars are paying for their shitty asses to live, why would they give up a good thing? But, onto my point.

Last weekend, the wife and I were enjoying one of the perks of living in a gentrified neighborhood (no, not having the cops come when you call). We were having ice cream in one of the nabe's local parlors, when an old acquaintance of hers walked in with her two kids. Greeting, greeting, greeting, chat, chat, chat. She's not my friend, so I don't know much about her, except that she used to date a female friend of the wife's. Now, she's sportin' a huge rock, with matching diamond band, on her left hand. Although my wife is similarly icy, she's quick to point out that it was her WIFE that iced her. But back to the chick. More chatter. More "we should have dinner since I'm in this neighborhood all the time" blather. Now that I recall, the last time we saw the chick (about two years ago), we met for drinks with her and her date, the aforementioned female friend of the wife's. And, she was icy then. Thanks for riding this out with me, here we go.

What the fuck is up with this DL bullshit? Let's pause for a second. Fuck whatcha heard about the DL phenomenon only occurring among Black men; that's just another "Black men ain't shit" thing. I'm totally through with men or women who get involved with other men or women simply for the sex. At least men have some level of detachment about it. Men are much better about anonymous sex than women. But, that doesn't excuse either sex from being gay for play.

IMHO, and I don't really need to be humble as this is my blog, and it is called From Where I Stand, DL simply means "Don't Label," short for, "I don't want to be labeled as homosexual or bisexual because it's just too heavy for my emotionally immature ass to carry. I don't care if I hurt someone else's feelings with my affair, or even my own, because deep down inside, I'm only 17 years old emotionally and sexually, and I'm only interested in fulfilling my stuck-in-time teenage lust. I don't really believe that relationships between people of the same sex can work, and I'm not interested in trying to find out if they can because I'm too afraid of what society, Mom & Dad, Big Mama, or my preacher may think once they know. I'm only trying to have some fun, and it's just too hard, waah waah waah."

These punk-assed gay-for-play clowns are secretive and dishonest. I'm tired of DL poster kids like J.L. King, assuming the role of white knight, warning unsuspecting Black women that their men may be DL. What about the same-sex people who are equally the victim? I'm not in favor of infidelity, whether it involves a heterosexual or homosexual couple. I'm not on the side of mistresses (what is the male equivalent?) either. I just want to hear from the lesbian who spends her spring and summer with what she thinks is someone she can love, only to find out after they've broken up, that she's been the plaything of a straight woman? What about the gay man in the same situation?

I wish they'd sleep with each other, and stop going after queers in it for the long haul. Believe me, as soon as we win our liberation, they'll come running back, ready to commit. If you're the victim of a gay-for-play playa, pull up some self-respect, and run in the opposite direction.


Blogger It's Me, Maven... said...

I do want to know, though, how different is the Gay-4-Play mentality/modus operandi different than your garden variety playah? I find the whole thing distasteful, disingenuous and selfish.

Good post!

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