Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Why? Why? Why?

I've just learned that an old friend passed away after fighting breast cancer for several years. I'm just gonna go into a pissed-off rant, if you don't mind.

Of all the fucking people in the fucking world, Dee Thompson shouldn't have been the one to go today. She shouldn't have, nor should Jaysane Wright, or Dorothy Dantzler, or Bathsheba, or any of the good, decent, kind, people who were beautiful gay & lesbian, strong Black warriors. Why, God, are we left to deal with the lowlife excuses for people that work and work, exploiting your name to make life so hard? Why?

Dee Thompson was a butch, an aggressive, the kind of lesbian you might think was a man. Her voice was deep. She was one of the best tenors in my choir. She had a heart of gold. Ask her for something, she was there. Ask for help, she said yes. She was the salt of the earth. Her partner is also a sweetheart, and I pray that comfort will come swiftly. I pray that Dee's family won't turn out to be one of those that wants to take away any recognition of Dee's relationship with her partner, Janette.

3:30 PM. Of course, the words haven't come off the keyboard, and I've found out that one of Dee's sister, some bitch without a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of has dared to say to Janette : Who are you to say what my sister wants?

I'm trying not to bust out into tears at work, but I'm hot right now. Queer couples, if you're reading this, make sure everybody knows what you want. Write it down. Get it notarized. Become domestic partners, if your city has DP's available. Make sure your partner knows where your important papers are, including insurance policies, wills, living wills, health care proxies, and make sure at least 2 blood relatives know where they are.

Butches, aggressives, put away your fear of the doctor, and get regular checkups. Dee would never have found out she had cancer were it not for an exam for something else. Within days of that checkup, she had a breast removed. Within the next 12 months, the other would be removed. She fought homophobia, alcoholism, and she even fought cancer. In the end, even though it took her life, it didn't win.

Deborah "Dee" Thompson, God bless you. Represent for the butches in heaven, okay?


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