Monday, June 13, 2005

The Verdict

4:55 pm. I, like the rest of America, am waiting patiently to find out if Michael Jackson breathes the air of the free again, or if he's going "away to school." I haven't said much about the case, because I'm trying really hard to stay away from Hollywood news. It's much too anxiety-causing. I will say, however, that in most of these trials, no one wins. Lives are ruined, reputations scarred. It's not pretty. And, it's not like Mike has that much of a career to resurrect. Neither did the other Mike (Tyson, that is). One Mike got an ass-whuppin, let's see what the other Mike gets...

5:00. Still waiting. Hands shaking like a dope fiend. Heart racing like I've just had a cup of coffee. Geez, this is nerve-wracking. My head is starting to hurt.

5:14. Nothing. Of course, everyone is visiting

5:19 Not guilty. Anyone who is surprised needs a smack to the temples. In the court of popular opinion, it was probably a split verdict. But, according to the question of law, he's cleared.

Hope he can get his life back.


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