Monday, June 13, 2005

More Media Madness

Once again, my girl Angry Black Bitch, has scooped me on a juicy bit of social gristle, but where she was pretty righteous with hers, I'm taking mine to the dark side, no pun intended. So, a young woman from Alabama, goes missing during a senior class trip to Aruba. Not a college trip, but a high school trip. I'll leave the child of privilege thing alone.

The story changes from week to week, but here's what we have so far. Natalee Holloway, along with 123 other graduating high school seniors, traveled to Aruba to celebrate their graduation. There were 7 chaperones. Let's stop there.

124 horny, privileged White kids, more than likely with a propensity for binge drinking when Mom 'ndem ain't lookin', are given a trip to Aruba. I'm not too old to remember my high school senior trip -- it never took place because the class from the previous year got busted with pot & booze, and were having sex everywhere and with anyone. 7 chaperones to 124 kids means each chaperone is responsible for 17 or 18 kids. Put 2 kids in a room, that's 9 rooms to watch. Somebody is sneaking out after curfew. And, it's no secret that many young White people, as shown on MTV Spring Break, are likely to get fucked up and go after some dick or pussy, whatever the preference. Don't call me racist -- watch MTV's annual coverage of spring break. I'm not making this up.

So, surveillance tapes from the hotel's casino show some of these kids playing poker with one of the suspects. According to, Aruba's official tourism site, the gambling age is 18. How many of these kids were actually of age? One chaperone to every 17 kids. Next, the victim reportedly hung out all night with the suspects, who, by the way, as of yesterday were not the security guards originally thought responsible, but two others, closer in age to the victim. That doesn't mean the security guards have been released, though, but I digress. The victim was reportedly kissing one of the new suspects, and that's all we know happened. Somebody said this, somebody said that, they said they dropped the girl back at the hotel, but surveillance tapes don't show that, blah blah blah. It's the same shit in rape cases all over again.

I say hang the bastards if they're guilty of harming this girl. Lock 'em up for life. But the media angle has gotten way out of proportion. It's no coincidence that this girl is from Alabama, the same state that brought you the Scottsboro case, where 9 young Black men spent most of their lives in jail for the lynchworthy crime of raping a White woman, which later turned out to be false. It's been a minute since the Black man with the voracious sexual appetite, the great Black beast, was vilified in the media, just after the whole DL debacle hit the crapper. Back in 2000, a travel writer named Claudia Hirschhoch, went missing in Jamaica after she was seen being friendly with a Jamaican bartender. Some physical evidence was found in his car, but authorities haven't charged him with the crime. She was declared legally dead in 2002, but her body never turned up, and her parents are still pursuing the case.

I'm sorry, as I would be in such a sad case, that Natalee Holloway is missing, but she's not the first tourist to fall victim to foul play. And I'm not convinced that this should be news. Curse out the 7 shitty chaperones who had no business letting young people out of their sight. Slap the hell out of her roommates who should never have said it was okay for the three, or however many of them, to separate. I'm a grown-ass woman, but when 6 of us grown-ass women went to Cancun, and went out at night, we went out together, we stayed together, and left together.

This is media madness. Let's move on to real news.


Blogger thimblesee said...

Well, you answered your own questions: when six of you went to Cancun, y'all was adults! I would nevah let my kids go to Ocean City (Maryland) for senior week after high school graduation. The whole concept seems whacked. Why don't parents acknowledge what you said: the kids are young and horny and now, on these trips, without much supervision. What do parents expect? Yes, I know my kids and they would never do this or that. Blahblah blah! Sure. But SOMEBODY's kids ARE doing that, and some of the horny boys are on the prowl. A neighbor said she was surprised to see so many older men descending on Ocean City during senior week. Does the term young and dumb mean anything? Well, enough ranting. Take care, and write on!

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