Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Jumping On The Bandwagon -- Let's Get It Over With

Okay, I'm weighing in on the Michael Jackson thing, and then I'm moving on.

Having served on a jury after dodging the bullet a couple of times, I understand what happened in the case. The jury has to determine if a crime has been committed based on how the law is defined, not on the appearance of committing a crime according to the court of public opinion. The question, did the defendant commit X crime based on the evidence presented, is what has to be answered. And, if the answer is no, everybody gets to go home and sleep in their own bed that night. And, that's what happened.

As I said yesterday, everyone suffers in these celebrity trials. The defendant, the victim, even the ever dumbening (thank you Lisa Simpson for the word!) public. I was on the train on Sunday morning when this dumbass is talking about Mike Tyson and his assorted sordities, including the time in jail for rape, and this failed experiment says:

You gonna go up to a man's room at 2 in the morning, and turn him on? What do you expect?

I refrained from responding, even though I did shake my head in disdain because I was on my way to church, was already pissed about something else, and didn't want to get Mr. Intelligence agitated even further, but I digress. My point is that a majority of the public gets stupider and stupider as time goes on, including supporting those who are guilty of inappropriate behavior, which is different from committing a crime. That's one side of the suffering triangle. The second is the side of the victim. It's tough enough to bring a case forward. You will always be seen as exploitative if you go after a celebrity, the stupid public taking the side of the celebrity (as my man did above), because a celebrity can't EVER be wrong. So, you were genuinely wronged, and you bring your case to trial. You're exposed to the world (remember the victim in the Kobe Bryant case?), and once that happens, you have difficulty, to say the least, in getting your life back; support of friends and family, privacy, normalcy. And, last, the accused. Let's say you really didn't do it. You're never viewed the same again, even if found innocent. You've paid thousands to lawyers and "experts" to prove your innocence. Private details are exposed. Your privacy was tough to maintain anyway, but it's shot to hell now. And if guilty, even the humbling time in jail is media fodder.

Frankly, I'm glad the damn trial is over. I'm always glad it's over. The conspiracy theorist in me thinks half of these things are purposely staged to keep the non-thinking percentage of the public from wondering what the hell their tax dollars are paying for. And what the hell will the draft, which is coming back, and will include women, for the first time in U.S. history, mean for American society? Why don't we talk about the hundred-thousand-plus Iraqis killed in this farce of a war in addition to the more than 1700 Americans killed? Why aren't we screaming about the renewal of the Patriot Act and why aren't we putting a foot in the ass of our elected officials that support the ever-increasing invasion of our privacy?

Okay, I've gotten this trial business out of my system. Back to our regularly scheduled programming.


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