Wednesday, May 18, 2005

You Never Know

Stick with me, I'm still irked by a whole lot, but I'm trying to keep balanced, so...

You never know how your actions affect someone else, or how what you think is a little thing is big to someone else. Apologies for the lack of humility coming.

As you know, my favorite topics are (in no particular order):


I've bounced back & forth between thinking I'm too fat and viva la fat revolucion! I've finally reached a nice point of harmony where my relationship with food is no longer like the bad girlfriend (the sex is crazy, but she's a bitch, and you wonder if good pussy is worth the trouble). I've been able to eat what I like, just not as much and as often, and I exercise at least 5 days a week, and the results show. People have made a point of asking what my secret is. Eat what you want, just not as much and as often, and exercise to the point of sweating at least 5 days a week. That's the secret. But, people are encouraged by my progress, and that's touching. I thought my private struggle was, well, private. But, it seems somebody is watching and is encouraged. Hold on, be patient, it sucks at first, but gets better.

And, a colleague did a lovely thing the other day. The women's bathroom, which is always a budding biohazard on its own, features that nasty, drying, low-lathering industrial soap that's like, what 23 cents a gallon. She placed a bottle of peach-scented, moisturizing antibacterial soap in the bathroom for people to use. How lovely. It makes it easy to forget that the broads who use the bathroom are more nasty than not. And it's quite nice to walk out with soft, peach-scented hands. Delightful.

Now if these people could just clean up after themselves...


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