Monday, May 23, 2005

Marriage, Period

How mad am I that I was a complete slug yesterday? I spent the day in bed watching hours of bad TV, including NFL Europe, and WNBA basket ball (I'm SO glad I didn't renew my NY Liberty subscription) instead of getting my ass on the Brooklyn Bridge to march for Marriage Equality.

In addition to not putting my feet on the line for a cause I strongly believe in (even though my plantar fasciitis probably wouldn't have let me march anywhere in peace), I'm upset that I missed the chance to meet Gustavo Archilla, 90, and Elmer Lokkins, 86. They have been together since 1945. Can you imagine? That's 60 years, almost as long as my parents have been married. Longer than most American marriages, certainly. They've found ways to make their relationship work, and it's to their credit that they have made it work. God bless them, and richly.

Can somebody finally start getting a clue that queers can, and do, hook up for more than the length of a hook up?


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