Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Marriage, Period (Part 2)

I have to share. A co-worker lives in the same neighborhood, and we often run into each other in the nabe; he with his family (wife & 2 kids), me & my wife. The other night we ran into him in the supermarket with his daughter, who we often chat with (in the way that adults should chat with kids: only about kid-type things and NOT grownfolks bidness) because she was Hermione Granger (you either know who she is or don't) in last year's Halloween parade in the nabe, and the wife & I are big Harry Potter fans. So, after we meet & greet & things, we separate. A couple of weeks pass, and I run into Dad in the office elevator who shares this darling gem with me.

Dad: After we left you guys in ths supermarket, DAUGHTER'S NAME asks me if you 2 are married. I say yes, they are.
Daughter: They're always together and they're always so nice. They make a great couple.

Of course, I was done for the day. Out of the mouths of babes. She, at 8 years old, gets it. What's wrong with the rest of these losers?

Shameless Stealing from a Fellow Blogger
I be hatin' occasionally, but always diggin' Angry Black Bitch. She tells it like it t-i-is. I wasn't even thinking about Tom "I'm not gay, and I'll sue you if you say I am" Cruise and Katie "I look and sound like every other skinny white girl between 16 and 25 who gets paid a lot of money to act like a girl" Holmes. In one of ABB's posts, she serves the T on the whole Hollywood Mating Game and how no one is up in arms about it. Of course, I have too (read my archives, kids), because I'm sick to death of the whole anti-marriage, anti-sex, bogus-ass morality police and their anorexic, myopic, pale & sickly view of relationships. Not one damn word came from the usual suspects when Britney Spears was married for 50 hours. Not one damn word in protest of these stupid-ass reality dating shows like the one where the chick is supposed to marry some guy she doesn't know for a million bucks. Not one damn word about how the incidence of out-of-wedlock births is so high in the regions where "abstinence" and "covenant marriage" bullshit is pushed.

We think Elizabeth Taylor's 7 marriages were amusing. We laugh at Jennifer Lopez and her relationship foibles (what are we on now, number 3?). We're repulsed, but secretly fascinated by Mary Kay Letourneau's hunger (for lack of a better word) for a 12-year-old. I dated ONE woman who was younger than me, and I wouldn't do it again. She wasn't 12 when I hit it, but she was still too young for me. What on God's green earth could a grown-ass woman want with or expect from a 12-year-old boy? Now she's married to him? And what the fuck were the 200 guests, including her eldest daughter (from a previous relationship) thinking? It was just poor timing that caused her 34-year-old ass to pursue and fuck a 12-year-old? And I can't marry my woman?

Kids see everything, and they'll tell you. So, thank you, "Hermione," for sharing what you saw.


Anonymous AngryBlackBitch said...

Keep it real Sistah! You know I've got nothin but love for you.

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