Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I Still Have Hope

Okay, not only have I been surprisingly prolific, bu I realize I've also been just plain pissed off in most of my recent posts. To balance things out, I promise my next two posts, starting with this one, will be less bitchy. I'll let my new fave blogista keep the crown on the bitch thang.

So, as I mentioned previously, a Catholic church in Minneapolis denies communion to worshippers wearing rainbow sashes or pins to show their support of the Rainbow Sash movement, an international org that protests the Catholic church's treatment (or lack therof) of LGBT folk. In contrast, another Catholic church, led by the same Archbishop, who sent the order down (after the big order from across the water) to do this heinous thing, disobeyed the order and served communion to sash wearers.

Thanks, God, for keepin' a girl from givin' up on Christians once again.


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