Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Ah, Science

An article in today's New York Times talks about the female orgasm. I love this stuff, the analysis of orgasm, aside from loving orgasms, but that's another subject. Essentially, the study cited in the article looks at the function of the female orgasm, and boils it down to this: male orgasms release sperm-filled ejaculate solely for the purpose of reproduction. The female orgasm is just for fun. But, the flip side is that from a scientific standpoint, orgasm creates suction because of the spasming of the vaginal walls, and that suction brings sperm to the cervix, increasing the likelihood of pregnancy. Unfortunately, many women don't experience orgasms, and feel inadequate if they don't, just as many infertile women feel inadequate as women.

I, in no way, wish to minimize the pain of sexual dysfunction or infertility. I feel badly for any woman who wants to experience what she believes other (read: normal) women experience. However, I think we spend way too much time living through other people experiences. Yes, having examples of how others walk through the world gives a road map. But, if you really get used to how you walk through the world, you spend less time trying to follow someone else's path.

The best part of this study is the part about women's orgasms being just for fun. Three cheers for scientifically-affirmed fucking!

No wonder I like girls.


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