Monday, April 04, 2005


Too many things I could say a whole lot about, but I won't. So...

The Death of a Pope
As a Christian, I mourn with my brothers and sisters. However, as with all things, I pray that his death ends an era of some of the most conservative, ugly, unloving words I've heard come from a church body in my adult life. Catholicism went from 0 to 60 in 5.2 seconds, reverting to Benedictine sexuality, elevating Pauline admonitions against increasing the role of women in the church, and plenary indulgence-like treatment of pedophile priests. I will not miss this era of Catholicism, nor do I look forward to its perpetuation in possible papal candidates like Cardinal Ratzenberger.

God bless the dead, but God bless the living even more.

And on a lighter, but no less scary note...

Shake That Thang
According to an article published on
The, a South Carolina online newspaper, a Texas lawmaker wants to introduce legislation to ban racy routines by cheerleaders. No more booty shakin', girl-on-girl grindin'. No more "inappropriate touching." No more droppin' it like it's hot. I wonder how much jail time would a pelvis thrust earn you? I guess the legislator responsible thinks it's appropriate to punish kids (and the adults who choreograph these routines) with fines or jail should they express some of that overstimulation teenagers live with all the time. God bless America in all its puritanical glory.

He Deserves to Lose His

Chef Charlie Trotter was
outed for his refusal to serve foie gras at his restaurants because of the cruelty involved in its production. For those of you who don't know what foie gras is (and I've made no secret of how much I like it), it is essentially really expensive goose or duck fat. A goose is force-fed lots of grain to make it obese. The obesity basically turns the liver to richly-flavored fat, a prized delicacy, particularly among the French and lovers of French food. Now, any chef-in-training learns while in school how foie gras is made. Charlie even has several recipes using foie gras in his cookbooks, which he hasn't stopped earning a check on. Why the change of heart? He just thinks it's cruel. Okay, it is, but so is the production of meat.

So, Charlie, does this mean you'll abandon all meat, both for your personal consumption and in your restaurants? Giving up your leather shoes? Honey in your herbal tea? You deserve to lose your toque, ya hypocrite. We need to look at the food manufacturing system. Rather than shut down small farms that make foie gras (which is what a California bill banning foie gras production is destined to do), we need to shut down chicken mills and cattle factories, facilities where animals are machine-made from egg to slaughter. Animal rights, my fat foie-gras-eatin' ass.


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