Saturday, January 29, 2005

The Week In Review

An Instrument of The Devil...

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, hang on to yer drawers. SpongeBob is a tool fer the ho-mo-sex-chel lobby. That's right, he's bein exploited to indoctrinate your children into the homosexual lifestyle.

Cheese and crackers, Batman. What the hell? Attacking cartoon characters? In case you've had your head in the sand, or somewhere else, you pervert, James Dobson and the American Family Association have alleged that SpongeBob SquarePants has been co-opted by the homosexual lobby because he and his friend Patrick, and some other cartoon cuties, including Barney, and others, appear in a video for a kid-friendly remake of "We Are Family." I didn't think the religious wing nuts were paying attention to "We Are Family" since it appeared in another family favorite, "The Birdcage." Song producer Nile Rodgers, God bless his slightly dingbatty appearance (Mr. Magoo with dreadlocks), says there must have been some confusion between a website called We Are, a gay-straight alliance, and We Are Family, which promotes teaching tolerance to children. To steal a funny-as-hell-but-terribly-accurate comment I read, "The bar keeps getting lower, although I swear I heard it hit the floor."

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Not one, but TWO more conservative columnists have been outed as 'hos for the White House. Damn, that George is a pimp nizzle fa shizzle!

Jesse, Jesse, Jesse...

Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. asked the following questions in his address to a gathering of so-called progresive Black Baptist organizations:
1. How many of you have performed same-sex marriages in your churches (no hands were raised)?
2. When did this (meaning same-sex marriage) become part of our agenda?

Was this not the same Rev. Jesse Jackson that back in
1984 thought gays were ok? Now, all of a sudden, he doesn't want same-sex marriage or gay rights lumped in with civil rights, which he sees as just a Black issue. Jesse, Jesse, Jesse, I've personally seen this kind of tactic. Long story warning...

When I was 20, I worked closely with a progressive assistant pastor at my church, who I came out to. She had been supportive of me, and even supportive of lesbiand and gays, even from a religious perspective. However, not long after, some rumor started to spread that she herself was a lesbian, and pulled me to the side to suggest reparative counseling as in her eyes, and according to Biblical teaching, homosexuality was sinful. Jesse has done the same thing. After falling out of the political spotlight due to the publicizing of his affair, and subsequent parenting of a child with an aide at the Rainbow Coalition, he's taken a strange hyper-moral turn, even taking a dopey turn, "No slave was ever enslaved because he was gay." Oh, give me a break.

I'll keep my philosophy on Blackness and gayness brief: Yes, Jesse, that is true. But I guarantee that is massa walked in on Toby and Big Billy locked in an embrace, they'd both be hung. There are lesbiand and gays who are Black, and dismissing the gayness of a Black person is dumb. Can you only be a feminist if you're female?

Wake up people! Things are taking a terrible turn, and if you ain't scared, you should be.


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