Thursday, January 06, 2005

That's What I'm Talkin' About!

Finally, a voice of reason. Americans have a love/hate relationship with a thousand things. We revere sex, but only in the context of heterosexual marriage, and God forbid you've got a great sex life but you're neither married nor heterosexual. We hate the French, but are obssessed with how they manage (or at least the women do) to stay slim, while we get fatter and fatter on factory-farmed food.

Although I'm not a fan of skinny, except for my fries, this woman makes it all make sense. I'm surprised it took so long, but at last, a French woman talks realistically about why French women manage to not get as fat as we do. Mireille Guiliano has written a book called "Why French Women Don't Get Fat." This isn't a miracle diet book, and I'm sure some of the suggestions, especially the Magical Leek Soup, are dicey at best. Mind you, it's the same thing everyone who talks about real weight loss and good habits says: move more, drink more water, don't eat seconds, and eat a little of what you really want. The best tip is "Sex and laughter keep women looking their best.

If that's the secret to Catherine Deneuve's hotness, vive la France!


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