Wednesday, January 19, 2005

"I Stopped Drinking and Found Jesus..."

And, the "American Idol" tragedy continues. Why don't people listen to me? Do you not know anyone who loves you? Or someone who hates you enough to spare your feelings before total embarassment?

And along comes Mary (do do do) "If I make it to Hollywood, I'm going to change my name to Guilbeau." She's the next William Hung, but unlike poor William, who knew he was a flash in the pan and got his engineering degree, Mary will turn up on an "E! True Hollywood Story" after her platinum record, wondering why no one wanted the second record. She'll be picked up on Hollywood Boulevard for delivering a hummer to a clown in a Hummer, in an attempt to pay for her crystal meth habit. Okay, we hope not, but...

Actually, it's to pay for her bipolar meds -- "do you want me to sing like myself? I have lots of voices."


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