Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Day After -- Part 2

Ooohhh... I feel slightly hungover, but mainly just depressed. It's official, Kerry has left the building and we're stuck with the great christocracy for the next 4 years. Bend over and kiss your butt goodbye.

I've got that slightly slick, greasy coated feeling on the inside of my mouth (then again, it could be the microwaved jerk chicken patty I ate for lunch). My head is swimming, and my cubicle feels slightly cold. I feel sort of like Neo when the Agents come to collect him at the beginning of The Matrix. Can it be that we are living in The Matrix?

Think about it. The premise of the trilogy is that all the groovy things we "enjoy" like money, sex, food are all part of a program, a smokescreen built to obscure the real picture; that of a world run by machines who use humans to make more machines. Anyone who has figured out the plan is forced underground in search of Zion, the warm, well-lit heart of human earth, forced to become a tool of the mechanarchy via homing devices planted in the abdomen, or simply destroyed. The machines make more little machines with ever-advancing artificial intelligence. The machine babies are grown and fed with murdered humans. The machines take on human looks, voices, even sexual behavior in order to keep up the screen. And because the smokescreen is so damn appealing, most humans never see past the hot redhead in the red dress and through to the scorched sky and burned out earth.

The following proverbial fire extinguishers (can't have smoke without fire) would earn me a visit with an Agent:

1. Everyone wants tax breaks, but no one wants to give up the things that taxes pay for. It doesn't matter anyway because the ones who really benefit from tax breaks don't send their kids to public school, don't take public transportation, and could easily helicopter from place to place rather than drive their expensive cars on busted roads.

2. "Let's close the borders" is a rallying cry, but no one wants to take jobs that immigrants will, such as washing dishes and cleaning toilets for less than minimum wage. And speaking of immigrants, no one wants to limit the number of immigrants from European or east Asian countries, just those places where people are black and brown.

3. Black folks are so morally high and mighty when it comes to same-sex marriage, but it wasn't that long ago that interracial marriage was prohibited by law. Many Black church leaders were quick to join up with conservative Christian groups to fight the rights of same-sex couples to take advantage of the perks opposite-sex couples enjoy. Who gave you the right to decide my relationship is less valid than yours?

4. The paranoid christocracy wants to live in a 2004 world with 1954 values. You can't possibly apply the same, literally the same set of values to a world that has changed. The higher cost of living requires a higher household income. Women are more educated, and rightfully, want greater opportunities. Technology brings things closer to us, brings people and their many cultures closer. How can you possibly expect what worked in a low-tech world, with the only visible culture a white, male-centered one, to work in an obviously high-tech, multicultural world?

I have to face facts, and so do we all. We've got George of The Jungle for another 4 years. Worse, we've got his power to name at least 1 new Supreme Court justice who will set the tone of the land for the next 40 years, and we've got to figure out how we who see through The Matrix will survive the Agents.


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