Monday, October 11, 2004

National Coming Out Day

Today, October 11, is National Coming Out Day. I always assume that I'm pretty much "out", but just in case anyone hasn't added everything together, here goes.

I identify as a Black woman, a butch-identified lesbian Christian musician. I am a writer, a poet, a spouse, a teacher, a singer, and a composer. None of these things are listed in any particular order, except that first and foremost, I am a child of God. All that I am, perfect and imperfect, all things beautiful and ugly, was created by God and shape who I am.

I chose to be in a relationship with the woman I call my wife. Although I was attracted to her female body, the truth is that if she were a man, I would still marry her because who she is comes from within.

I love women. I love the way the look, smell, walk, talk, and behave. I love their strength in spite of their reported weakness.

I love being Black. I don't always like some of the things Black people do, but you don't always like your family, and my people are family. I love our hues, our shapes, our culture. I love that Black people are all the things other assume they are, and none of those things.

I am an artist. Words, music, flow through me, and I struggle with letting them out, but I remain open to receiving them from the universe and hope they will come out and bring something positive to the world.

I am not ultra-feminine. I am a woman, and have no desire to be a man. I like having curves, but I like having muscles. I walk with confidence. I dress in a manner that says I am powerful. My lines are clean, crisp. I like smelling pink while wearing pinstripes.

I am a lesbian and I am a Christian. I am not, and will never be, a slave to man's limited dogma. I aspire to be a pure Christian, an adherent to the one thing that Christ taught and that is to love God, and love humanity. In loving humanity, I aspire to be compassionate, empathetic, generous, and reverent; respecting all, even when we don't agree. I am not ashamed of who I love or how I love. I have found no evidence that I am an abomination or am living contrary to what God wants from or for me. I have done my best to follow my heart and listen to God's voice and I believe that my life is blessed and will continue to be blessed.

I encourage you to live fully in who you are. Live full and live well. Be honest about who you are for if you believe you have something to be ashamed of, it will show. Others will treat you poorly and you'll continue to live poorly. Aim to love yourself and love others. Come out and stay out.


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