Thursday, September 23, 2004


I've decided that some post topics are so incredulous that they will just have to be called...


Wow, as in "Wow, I'm stunned." So here we go.

In April of this year, Michigan lawmakers passed a bill that would allow licensed healthcare providers (you know, nurses, doctors, people who keep you alive) to not provide treatment on moral or ethical ground. So, if you're HIV positive, a heroin addict who won't stop shooting up, an unwed poor mother of six who is pregnant again, and you need treatment in the state of Michigan, a doctor can now decide you don't deserve whatever you need because he thinks you're a loser.

Nelly fag with strep throat? No penicillin for you because you should have kept your mouth shut. Butch dyke? Pull your own teeth out. Pregnant again? I'll deliver your baby, but without painkillers because you need to feel the consequences of your actions. Wow. I'll bet that a heterosexual white male with syphillis will get his shot.

In case we hadn't figured it out, America is becoming a theocracy. I am frightened of Christians, and I am a Christian. How did we get to the point where it is now legal to deny treatment based on your moral judgment? It's one thing to not recommend a procedure or medication because it hasn't worked in the past, or the patient isn't compliant with a treatment regimen, but we've left the door open for spiritual malpractice. What happened?

The list of states the wife and I won't visit is getting longer and longer. Pretty soon, we won't be able to leave New York. Perhaps Brooklyn should secede and become its own republic.


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