Friday, August 13, 2004

From Where I Stand -- See What I See

Although slightly presumptuous, I'm hoping this blog will find like-minded folks and give others a window into like-minded folks. The whole idea of a blog is presumptuous anyway, as bloggers think just enough of themselves that they post their thoughts and secretly hope others will approve or at least think of them. I'm no different. Having said that...

I am a late-thirties, Black lesbian, college educated, middle class, Christian agnostic. Do yourself a favor and don't post raunchy requests or nonsense of the "God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve" ilk. It will be trashed immediately. Are we all clear? Cool.

About The Title
From Where I Stand is just that. America wants really badly to be a melting pot. Think about it -- if you make a grilled cheese sandwich with more than one kind of cheese, once it all melts, it's kind of like one cheese now instead of the two distinct cheeses. I'm more of a salad kind of person -- each item in a salad is independent, with the dressing bringing it all together (and now we sing the song from the Coke commercial from the early 70's). So, From Where I Stand wants to find the salad thinkers, not the melting pot thinkers.



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